Branding and messaging campaign for online printing company, targeted at graphic designers 
• create comprehensive branding campaign with a dynamic, engaging design to be used across various mediums and messages
• create suite of print samples to demonstrate product range and print quality
• create informative, useful pieces with long shelflife to reinforce top-of-mind branding
Color Guide Poster
Oversized Custom Poster with color information for CMYK process printing
Color Guide Booklet
Booklet version of color guide poster containing color swatches and coordination photos
Brochure Kit
Pocket Folder containing 8 folding templates of available brochure folds, coating guides and informative brochure guide poster
Business Card Kit
Custom Packaging containing samples of the Business Card product line
Paper Stock Selector
CD Wallet containing 14 individual inserts showing the range of available paper stocks and coatings with perforated sample chips 
Color Guide Brochure
Brochure version of color guide included in standard Sample Kit
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