Gary D. Monster is an original illustrated character and the mascot.
Originating 7+ years ago as a hand-drawn sketch, Gary was created as the fun, engaging voice and major element in the corporate branding. Gary is hugely popular and not only has a large fan club within the community, he's also proven to drive clicks in regular email campaigns for both existing customers and prospects. 
Over the years Gary’s gallery of personas has continued to grow and is regularly used in the website, emails, print samples and other marketing. Gary’s evolution has included a growing cast of costumes, personas and companions, including his bird friend Phillip.
ROLE: Concept development, illustration, brand/style guidelines
Gary is a featured branding element used throughout the print collateral sample kit. Shown below: custom mailer, pocket folder, cover letter
Gary greets visitors to the website and helps customers find their way.
Gary is a frequent and regular feature in email campaigns.
Gary is the voice of 48HourPrint on social media
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