Set of printed product samples consisting of a magnet calendar, bookmark, and 2 assorted stickers for each of Digital Room’s top 5 online printing brands
• print collateral product samples that are engaging and/or useful to encourage customers at pickup locations to take with them and use over time
• existing branding reinforced through use of logo, color, typography and imagery
• design themes speak to each brands persona and target customer demographic
• range of product sizes, stocks, coatings and customization options highlighted
ROLE: Concept development, design execution/layout, content creation, copywriting/editing, project management, print production
Concept focus on clean imagery and useful printing tips, reinforcement of branding through use of color and typography
Concept focus on fun and engaging, reinforces branding through color palette, type and “Gary Monster” brand mascot
Concept focus on design and color, reinforces branding through messaging, color and type
Concept focus on modern and sleek, reinforces branding through color, type and “Fast” messaging
Concept focus on clean imagery with positive quotes, reinforcement of branding through use of color and typography
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